Monday, September 14, 2009

Have you tried the two new Buzzitos yet?

It's not too often that we bring out new products, so when we do, it's certainly something to get excited about! Our two new Buzzitos are no exception! FYI Buzzito luvas, here is the Press release about our new additions:


Portland-based small business creates two new vegan burritos incorporating a local and innovative soy product.

In the midst of many people striving to make more sustainable lifestyle choices, numerous have recognized the power of acting globally through both thinking and supporting locally. Recently, a couple of Oregon small businesses teamed up to create two ready-to-eat, vegan burritos that can help this be both a simple and delicious task.

The Higher Taste™, a local family-run business that has been producing ready-to-eat vegetarian foods in Portland for over twenty years, added two new Buzzitos™ to their popular line of fresh vegetarian foods. Both new burritos, the Ya-Hoo! Bar-B-Q and the Fiesta Fajita use an innovative new soy protein, Butler Soy Curls™, developed and produced in Oregon by another small business, Butler™ Foods.

The protein strips are made using only whole, non-GMO soybeans, nothing added to the soybeans and nothing taken out, so the nutritional values remain intact. The soybeans are processed in a manner that creates a shape and texture similar to that of a chicken or beef strip. Yet, by being made solely with soybeans, the curls are a considerably healthier and more sustainable alternative to many

conventional protein products.

One might ask why soy proteins are a more sustainable option than conventional animal based proteins. Recently, the USDA estimated that to produce one pound of beef, it took seven pounds of feed. With that alone, soy proteins look at least seven times more sustainable! That is not even taking into account the land use, water use, and carbon emissions that are a result of raising livestock. So, by even minimally replacing some animal proteins with soy proteins it can be an easy way to make a large impact on sustainability.

In the new Buzzitos™ the curls are seasoned and combined with fresh veggies, brown rice and delicious sauces to create two delectable taste experiences wrapped up in a whole grain flour tortilla. The Higher Taste™ products,

including the two new burritos, are available at all New Seasons stores, as well as Portland-Metro and Vancouver area Whole Foods stores.

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  1. The yahoo BBQ one was excellent! Love it!